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Whether you’re playing on a machine that’s equipped with a Scorbitron that saves your scores or you enter your scores on the app, Scorbit lets you connect to players everywhere:

  • Find places to play pinball near you
  • Keep track of your scores on every pinball machine ever made
  • Challenge your friends with your high scores and invite them to try and beat your scores
  • Follow your pinball pals and other players to see who’s playing and what scores they’re getting.


Managing connected machines in personal home arcades, game rooms and private collections, collectors can use the Scorbit app to:  


  • Increase interest, desire to play and connection between friends and family
  • Enable private-score leaderboards for friends and family to challenge each other
  • Connect their home playing experience to others’ around the world with casual tournaments
  • Make old games new again by bringing them into the digital age.


Using the Scorbit app in concert with Scorbitron-enabled machines, operators with machines on location can login into their private accounts to:

  • Check the operating status and increase uptime of on-location machines
  • Get meaningful machine data and analytics for high-impact business decisions
  • See earnings data in real time, and configure details like cost and balls per game
  • Bring entirely new players to your existing inventory via enabling social features
  • Increase revenue by making sure players can find and play your machines

Create an account with Scorbit and track your scores

Find locations near you and see what games are available to play.

Compete against your friends both on-location and virtually.

Operators and Collectors can easily manage pinball machines.

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The Scorbit app is a central component of the Scorbit platform and works seamlessly with Scorbitron devices. And we’ll be constantly adding new functionality as the Scorbit pinball community grows. 

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