Share the excitement of pinball beyond the machine.

ScorbitVision revolutionizes the way people experience your games with live scoreboards, leaderboards, and tools for livestreamers!

ScorbitVision enhances, displays and enriches the pinball experience for everyone around you. Whether in your personal gameroom, an arcade, or over the Internet in a livestream, ScorbitVision provides what you need to engage your players from everywhere.

Designed for large screens and livestreams, both public and private, these tools allow you to customize displays to suit your needs.



Scoreboards are real-time views of your games that display the game, player information, scores, ball number, and other relevant information. They respond immediately to changes happening on the machine, and can be private for your own use or public for others to see. Scoreboard screens can have single machines or multiple machines, and can be edited and maintained, customized and publicized all from the tools.


Leaderboards are the infinite high score lists for all your machines. Like scoreboards, they reflect real-time changes to player display names as well as the current status of any game you choose. Pick from single or multiple leaderboards per screen, and if you want to share them with the world or just your own friends or venues.


Have a combination of scoreboards and leaderboards you wish to display on a screen? Slideshows allow you add any number of customized scoreboards, leaderboards and time intervals, as well as if they are publicly viewable or private.


For the hardcore pinball streamers, we’ve developed the Streamboard as a fast way to integrate Scorbit with streaming tools like OBS and XSplit, as well as platforms like Twitch.

Each Streamboard asset has a dedicated URL and can be incorporated into a browser capture easily. We include template layouts for single or multiplayer, head to head and other formats. Each template dynamically reflects information happening in the game, including players, scores, ball number and other data. Streamers can integrate their own graphics, logos, chat sections, or whatever you need!

Tune into ScorbitVision.

Tell the world about your great pinball scores and start broadcasting with ScorbitVision today! If you have the Scorbit App, then you automatically have access to ScorbitVision!


Enhance your livestreams with automatic scores and game info with a Scorbitron!