When we began working on Scorbit, one of the things that got us motivated was wondering how we could work with legacy pinball machines and bring them into the 21st century. We started by creating the Scorbitron, which when installed into any pinball machine from the 1970s to today, connects it to the Internet and enables players to save their scores automatically to the Scorbit app.

That was pretty cool, but we didn’t want to stop there. Now that we enabled a pinball machine like Attack from Mars to be connected to the internet, what else could we do? Well, today we’re excited to share with you the newest feature for pinball machines thanks to Scorbit. Our own co-founder Brian O’Neill and his wife Allison O’Neill gave a sneak preview earlier on Twitch:

Yep, you saw that correctly. You can now see the name of each player displayed on the pinball machine display on a Scorbitron enabled game! Players who claim their slot on the Scorbit app are magically connected to the machine wirelessly and the player number and name scrolls on the screen like magic.

We’re excited to announce that this feature is available to all current owners of a Scorbitron installed in any DMD-era machine.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Scorbit brings to legacy machines with DMDs like Stern Spike 1s and classic 1990s DMDs from Bally, Williams and the other great DMD based games. And you can bet that we won’t stop here, as we look to push the boundary even further of what a Scorbitron can do for a DMD based pinball machine.

Don’t have the Scorbit app yet? Download it today from the Apple Appstore or the Google Play Store.