We’re excited to share the latest, action-packed version of the Scorbit app ! This version is the convergence of a number of new features both within the app and in the Scorbit service that have been requested by many of the great pinball players in the Scorbit community. With the addition of thousands of new users we also have been focused on ensuring our infrastructure is scaling well. This is just the beginning, there are many more features coming soon!

Scorbit is designed to be your pinball playing companion. With a number of the new automated scoring features, push notifications and alerts, sharing your victories, game reports and leaderboard improvements, we hope to continue to enhance your love of pinball and get more people into playing!

Activity Feed

  • Now, any notifications you receive can be viewed in the Account Menu > Activity feed
  • Any notifications you may have missed, or ones you want to check again, can now be reviewed in a single place
  • Activity notifications link to scores or challenge screens.
  • Within a notification, you can click on the scores or players referenced in the Activity items
  • Items can be marked read/unread or deleted

New Sharing Options

  • If you have claimed a score, finish a game, and choose to save to leaderboard, there is now a new sharing screen
  • This sharing launchpad allows you to let others know about your amazing game!
  • Add a victory photo: Now any game can have a photo attached to either prove your score or share the moment of celebration! Share score: Had a great score? You now can share your score and photo outside of the app, to social media, or save to your phone.
  • Challenge: Tag any Scorbit user you want and they will get an invite to beat your score.
  • If they accept, the next time they play that title it will count against the challenge.
  • No need to play it now! If you accept, Scorbit will remember and will keep track of which challenges you’ve accepted or rejected, first accepted, first played.
  • All your challenges, accepted, rejected, or completed will now show up in Account Menu > Challenges
  • Any completed challenges will show up in your community feed and your profile.
  • Challenges will soon generate notifications in an upcoming release, but you can already set if you wish to receive those notifications in your notification preferences

Score Details and Game Visualizations

  • Clicking on any score in the community feed, on a profile, or in your activity feed and it will take you to a score detail screen
  • The screen includes a “score card” at the top with various information including, who, what, when, and other info
  • Beneath the score card is a new beta feature, a game visualization!
  • The game visualization is a quick visual of the game over time, including indications of stacked modes, events and other interesting infographics that bring a whole new way to analyze and remember your games. 

Player Rankings and Flips

  • All scores now have a FLIP button that allows you to show your appreciation of another player’s awesome effort. Pressing the flip button once will be seen by everyone, and pressing it again removes your flip.
  • Scores now include a ranking level based on all the scores world-wide for that game title. These are designed to be fun, but they are permanent based on the time the score was completed!

Push Notifications

  • Users will now receive push notification if a person they follow achieves:
  • A top score on a specific pinball machine
  • A top score on a game title.
  • You may opt out of any notification type in the Account Menu > Settings > Notifications
  • You may receive notifications on any number of devices you wish.
  • If you share a device, it will use the most recent logged in user.

Other Important Changes

  • The Save to Leaderboard screen will now appear again if you return to that machine but didn’t cancel or trash the score! Handy if you left the area to do a victory lap (or go get another drink) and forgot to save.
  • The Waiting to Start screens now include:
  • Global Top Players (one score per player)
  • Global Top Scores (all top scores),
  • Any public leaderboard associated with that machine in ScorbitVision!
  • Game sessions now have better, more stable handling and faster response time
  • Many bug fixes!

Don’t have the Scorbit app yet? Download it today from the Apple Appstore or the Google Play Store.

We can’t wait to see what the Scorbit community thinks of this release! We hope you like it and it makes playing, and sharing, pinball a little bit easier and more fun.

-The Scorbit Team