Jersey Jack Pinball Releases Integrated Support for Entire Catalog of Games

Scorbit, the leader in connected pinball, is excited to announce Achievements, the latest in a series of features compatible with hundreds of games across thousands of connected pinball machines around the world. Jersey Jack Pinball continues their long history of pinball innovation with full support of Scorbit achievements, launching first on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, followed by the rest of the Jersey Jack Pinball game library. Achievements for more games from other manufacturers on Scorbit will follow shortly thereafter.

Since launching in 2020, Scorbit’s open platform has welcomed thousands of pinball players who have posted hundreds of thousands of scores to the Scorbit app. Arcade owners and pinball operators have embraced the platform, allowing players at locations to connect to Scorbit easily and utilize the advanced tools provided by Scorbit. With an established platform, the latest addition of the Scorbit Achievement Platform API is fully open to all game manufacturers and connects with Scorbit’s already existing global network. Achievements work with the Scorbit app, ScorbitVision and other software integrations already available. The platform bridges all of these features from games manufactured over fifty years of pinball, right up to modern machines today.

Jersey Jack Pinball is also excited to launch full support of the achievement platform as the next step in their partnership with Scorbit. With deeply integrated achievements designed and implemented by the creators of each game, Jersey Jack Pinball games will be even more competitive for players. Achievements appear in real-time on the game displays as well as within the Scorbit app, and are visible on Scorbit user profiles.

Achievements are new goals for games that can be set up by the developers of a game, a venue owner, or an operator. There are a variety of goals that can be used, including real-time achievements that appear on the game displays, meta achievements that can transcend between games, locations, or titles, and trophy achievements that are only held by one person in the world at a time. Achievements can be based on game play, time, location, people and other users, or a number of other ingredients at the discretion of the game designers. Using Scorbit, games from the past have an entirely new twist when achievements are added to the platform.

As you play, supporting games will tell you if you have unlocked achievements on their own display, including vintage games and DMDs from the 1990s and 2000s. In addition to this real-time display, players are notified of their achievements by the Scorbit mobile app and visible on player’s feeds and profiles.This is all side-by-side with Scorbit’s already existing automated leaderboards, challenges, and real-time scoring.

“Scorbit’s open platform API makes it easy for companies like Jersey Jack Pinball to integrate their games,” said Jay Adelson, Chairman and Co-Founder of Scorbit. “They are being joined by most of the pinball manufacturers, designers, and creative community to enhance game play everywhere.”

“We chose to work with Scorbit to launch achievements because we believe in open, accessible platforms,” said Jack Guarnieri, Founder of Jersey Jack Pinball. “Players like being able to put both their old games and their JJP games on the same system, and since our launch of online support, Scorbit has proven they are the platform to do this.”

Combined with Scorbit’s in-app Challenges, Leaderboards, and exciting visuals from ScorbitVision, pinball is way more fun with Scorbit.


Scorbit (Spinner Systems, Inc.) is a first-of-its-kind, wireless and real-time platform that connects solid-state, DMD and LCD pinball machines to the Internet. With the Scorbit Mobile App and the Scorbitron device for pinball machines, Scorbit has been connecting machines and tournaments since 2015. The implications are nothing short of a pinball revolution, bringing pinball machines and players into the digital age – while increasing plays and revenue for operators and fun for collectors.


Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP) is the industry leader in quality and technical innovation, creating groundbreaking pinball machines for seasoned players, collectors, and newcomers to the game.  Designed and manufactured in the United States, JJP’s state-of-the-art games are conceived on a foundation of pinball’s rich history and engineered with an unflinching eye toward its future.  Easy to play – difficult to master, their award-winning games feature several industry firsts, including the use of LCD screens, RGB LED lighting, Bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity, interactive camera, rich audio, and innovative industry leading technology.  JJP brings Pinball machines into the 21st century, designed to provide an enhanced player experience, engage hardcore players and draw new players to the game.

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