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Hey there pinball people! We’re excited to share with you Scorbit’s v1.3.10 app release. Scorbit’s team has been hard at work furiously improving performance, streamlining and improving our infrastructure, and of course working on new integrations with a number of new manufacturer partners. Today we’re releasing v1.3.10 of the Scorbit app, that includes a fun new feature, the Interactive Score Timeline!

Interactive Timeline

Many have you have already seen that when you view a verified score that was coming from a Scorbit-connected machine, we provide a timeline of the game in a visual on the score screen. Now we’ve made it useful! To start, you’ll notice we have changed the score screen to now include a thumbnail version of the timeline:

Every score has this screen on our platform. If the photo attached to the score exists, it will be displayed here. If a game that was manually submitted (no direct Scorbit connection was involved, just a photo), this means it has no game data from a Scorbitron, therefore no timeline will appear. However, if the score was automatically added into the platform, all the way back for years, a thumbnail of the timeline will appear here.

Note that if you choose to share the score with the share button, the thumbnail of the timeline will be included in the shared image:

Finally, if you tap the timeline thumbnail, it takes you to a new interactive screen:

As you drag across the timeline, it shows the current timestamp, score, and any modes or targets the player has hit. Curious how an expert player unlocked so many points in a game you watched two years ago? Find the score on any leaderboard in the app and you can review it here.

Note that not all games present mode and target data to Scorbit, so if we didn’t have the data back when the score was recorded, it will just be the score information only. Most DMDs and JJP machines can express mode information to Scorbit since 2021, but we’re still waiting on a few stragglers to catch up and add it to their output. If a DMD is missing mode information and you want us to add it (for all new scores going forward) let us know!

Improved Auto-Claim Flow

Are you the kind of player that likes to keep the app open on the pinball glass while you play? We started seeing this at tournaments so competitive players could see their score when the display sometimes was not presenting it. There are also folks who like to see what modes are unlocked without holding the flippers.

As you may remember, the Auto-Claim feature allows you to automate the saving of games as long the setting is active and there is less than 30 seconds betwen games (or custom time set by the machine owner). Just enable the feature in playing preferences, then tap the arrows at the top of the screen to check in to auto-claim, and all your games will be automatically saved.

However, if you have the app open, this presented a problem because when a game ends, it would open the share/challenge invite screen at the end of a game and stay there, waiting for user input:

Now, if auto-claim is on, after the app reaches this screen, if you hit start on your game, you will automatically return to the live session screen with your player slot claimed. If auto-claim isn’t turned on, you will stay right where you are until you cancel, hit New Game, Send Challenge, or swipe to the right.

Regardless of whether or not the app is unlocked, focused or unfocused, if auto-claim is on, in the background, Scorbit will still claim the slot and save the score (you can leave the app in your pocket and play all you want, scores will be saved and achievements unlocked). If it is off, it will stay on this screen until you decide to leave it, giving you time to share or start a challenge.

Also new, if the app is somehow unfocused (say you wish to read a text message or email between games), and then return, if a session is active you will be automatically returned to the game, no navigation required!


For those who like to keep their phones open while playing, we added a new Playing Preference to keep the phone awake and unlocked while a game session is active. This feature only is active when the app is on the Play tab and a live session is open, including the share/challenge screens. You can find this setting in Account Menu > Settings > Playing Preferences.

QR Codes

QR codes have been optimized and made snappier. Remember you can use QR codes for games, venues, profiles, even to claim a specific player slot. An owner of a machine can print out a QR code and put it on the apron. A developer of a game can present the QR code visually if you want to claim the slot and navigate to the machine automatically. QR codes can be printed from the My Machines > Machine Settings > Tools menu, from the Scorbit Opcenter website, or you can manually generate QR codes with a URL. The syntax is like this:

Visit a person’s profile screen:$deeplink_path=invite&inviteuserid=123

Navigate to a specific machine’s session (or attract mode):$deeplink_path=22334&opdb=G5Dbo-M3dv6

Visit a venue and list the machines within it:$deeplink_path=venue&venueid=123

You can automatically copy your own profile link in Account Menu > Settings > Contacts if you want to send it to others to invite them to follow you on the platform.

Auto-fill and auto-correct

By popular demand, we added support for password auto-fill and password managers on the Scorbit login. We also removed auto-correct from the various search inputs, which we agree was annoying.

General performance improvement and bug fixing

As always, we’re always working to improve the speed, performance, and reliability of the app! Thanks to all you Scorbit players out there! We are looking forward to all the new features an integrations to announce in the future. Meanwhile, keep flipping!

-The Scorbit Team

Don’t have the Scorbit app yet? Download it today from the Apple Appstore or the Google Play Store.

Scorbit App v1.3.10 Changelog

  • Adds new Interactive Timeline!
    • Tap on a score that was automatically uploaded (not a manual submission)
    • Tap on the new Timeline thumbnail.
    • Run your finger across the timeline, and it will display what score, modes and targets you hit at that point in the timeline as you drag!
  • Adds automatic return to live session when player slot is claimed, session is live and user returns the app to focus after leaving (or exiting and restarting) the app
  • Adds automatic return to live session when auto-claim is active and new game is started from share screen
  • Adds support for password auto-fill and password managers
  • Adds new Playing Preference to keep phone awake/ unlocked during live session, so you can watch while you play if desired
  • Clean up of Viewing Preferences, including fix for locking up and not saving setting properly
  • General speeding up of QR code scanning, now is snappier and navigates faster
  • Adds new iconography for editing items (removes edit pencil)
  • Removed incorrect double loading progress icon when listing venues or machines
  • Updated WiFi libraries for improved pairing
  • Removed auto-correct from search inputs
  • Fixes bug that would crash app opening some score detail screens
  • Fixes bug that would clip activity monitor and achievement badges over user profile photo
  • Fixes a number of timeline rendering bugs for older scores or corrupt data
  • Removes incorrect ability to initiate a challenge with a manual score entry (unverified score)
  • Fixes keyboard on manual score entry to disappear when you tap outside of it
  • Fixes broken profile links in some screens that would crash or deliver a blank screen
  • Numerous performance improvements and bug fixes!