Scorbit is pleased to announce the first fully integrated example of Virtual Pins on Scorbit!

Thanks to the genius work by The Pincredibles, they have released their homage to Guardians of the Galaxy v2.1 with full Scorbit integration!

Virtual pin fans can find the table here:

To make this even easier, Mystery Pinball Theater 3000 has released a fantastic instructional video here:

Beyond that, the table functions exactly as all pinball machines do on Scorbit, with the exception that they have the VPIN designation on lists and leaderboards in the app. It is not considered to be the same “pool” of scores used for physical pinball machines. However, just like with Scorbitrons, all ScorbitVision scoreboards, app integrations, modes, achievements, challenges and other features all work the same!

Congratulations to Daphishbowl and Manu Smith/MPT3k and The Pincredibles team on an amazing reference example of how anyone can integrate our fully open Scorbit platform.